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These days that virus and spyware numbers are raising it's good to protect your computer with good applications, and one of those applications we have tested is Spyware Vaccine.

Spyware Vaccine is a lite an useful tool which will immunize your computer in a pair of clicks and it will make you surf safely and with no problems.

Download and install Spyware Vaccine and you'll have installed spyware scanner, spyware remover and spyware monitor. Be immune versus more than 30,000 spyware. Forget about all those troubles you used to have when surfing the net, now and thanks to Spyware Vaccine your computer will be safe.

Finally we should say that we have been surprised by its interface which simulates a pill bottle. The first time you see it you'll think it's a joke, but it works really well.

30 days evaluation period

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